Dog Chieftain – A Haiku

not that way! this way!
the little dog is captain
steering the human

I wrote this haiku based on a picture prompt found on the following blog:

Keith Channing at the Keith Kreates blog has writing challenges. His most recent is an ekphrastic challenge to write a story or poem based on a cute photograph of a dog standing on a woman’s back. The challenge can be found here:


10 thoughts on “Dog Chieftain – A Haiku

  1. Here’s a question: how have I gone more than seventy-three years without ever coming across the word ekphrastic? Thank you for adding to my knowledge and for reinforcing my belief that life always has something new to teach me.

        1. It definitely sounds challenging! I haven’t yet ventured beyond my comfort zone of just writing haiku and senryu. Someday, when I am brave, I will try something different! I just don’t know enough about other forms yet. I bought a bunch of books that explain poetry. I hope to read them soon.

    1. Thank you! I’ve been having a difficult time writing haiku lately. I just haven’t been feeling very inspired. But, yesterday, I started writing them again. I’ve been neglecting my blog. I need to work on it again and catch up with everyone. I’m sorry I haven’t visited your blog lately. I hope you’ve been well. I am going to go see your blog today to see what you’ve been up to.

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